Planetr is running on Testnet and not yet primed for production use. You may install and test the cloud.

Decentralization is the future

Cost effectively scale with community nodes

decentralized Decentralized Computing Cloud

Planetr is a highly decentralized and dispersed cloud infrastructure that uses edge resources for both computation and data storage. It’s designed primarily for applications with highly dispersed data that are both large and widely distributed, so that data upload into a traditional cloud constitutes a nontrivial portion of the execution time.

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The technology behind better business

Technology is the muscle behind user experiences, and it directly relates to your bottom line. By leveraging the right infrastructure, you can scale smarter, improve security, and optimize the user experience. With Planetr powering things in the background, you can get back to focusing on what matters most for your business.

Putting the power back in developers’ hands

Developers drive businesses forward. And by liberating their time, you can unleash their creativity. When your teams aren’t bogged down with infrastructure-level issues, you’re free to optimize sites and apps, streamline processes and pipelines, and execute on your most exciting ideas.

Reduce your business costs

By offloading computing load to Planetr, you can save on pricey bandwidth and compute costs, and reduce the burden on your servers or the central cloud.

Build logic at the edge

Innovate at your own speed with our programmable edge, designed for unprecedented safety, visibility, and control. Leverage the ability to run your services globally distributed nodes which includes data center computers and residential personal laptops.

planetr cloud network Features

Decentralized Cloud

Through decentralization, Planetr is more secure, more affordable, and more private by default than centralized cloud providers.

Docker Support

Run any application of your choice with deployment convinience through the power of Docker.

Cost Effective

Planetr distributes the compute load through thousands of nodes which are otherwise idling. This makes it cost effective.


Make apps scalable, easier to manage, and more resilient with microservices through Planetr. Scale one or many nodes.

Machine Learning

Build and run custom ML images. Leverage the computing power of distributed nodes.

Graphic Rendering

Render creative processes with external CPU/GPUs, so you do not have to maintain the hardware necessary.

Web Crawling

Distributed web crawling is a distributed computing method in which Internet search engines use a large number of machines to crawl the web and index it.

Websites & Apps

Run static content and utility web applications which are stateless on distributed nodes and scale as needed.

Proxy Network

Planetr's distributed residential proxy allows companies to access more secure data and unblock geolocation-restricted content using automation tools.

Let's Build Together!

"At Planetr, we're working on a paradigm shift in the way we operate online services, a peer-to-peer form of connecting with one another that gives users more control. Open, transparent and inclusive."
- Team Planetr