Planetr is running on Testnet and not yet primed for production use. You may install and test the cloud.


The decentralized alternative to cloud services

Whether you’re just moving to the cloud, or building the next groundbreaking app, it’s the platform behind the products that lets you create unforgettable experiences at global scale.

Buying your own hardware is costly, and renting it from a cloud service provider is even more costly in terms of total cost of ownership. This is understandable for mission-critical tasks and software, but corporate fees for secondary and auxiliary applications seem unreasonable. There was a time when you had no choice but to use your own hardware, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Decentralized Computing Cloud (DCU)

Modern applications need infrastructure. Planetr's infrastructure allows you to run any decentralised applications or host blockchain-based services that need computing resources to function. We use Docker container technology to provide developers with security, power, and flexibility. Any application that can be developed with docker can be seamlessly deployed on the Planetr cloud. Despite the fact that the docker container would be running on network nodes at the edge, Planetr network technology allows you to connect to it and map the exposed ports. Run HTTP web servers, API servers, Microservices, Blockchain applications, rendering jobs, and machine learning tasks whenever you like.

Fully programmable. All APIs.

With modular REST APIs, you can automate and enhance workflows, apply custom logic to the network edge, and personalise user experiences on our decentralised cloud platform.

Features you will love!

To deliver on our promises of speed, size, and reliability, our community-powered network takes full advantage of modern internet architecture.

Cost Effective

We harness idling compute resources in our network by decentralisation, which translates to real cost savings for you while still supporting green computing.

Global Scale

Our high-performance, stable network ensures that your business's development doesn't outpace the level of dependability you've come to expect. We can expand by adding more community-run nodes.

Predictable Performance

We've designed a highly efficient network with built-in routing and load balancing.

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Decentralized Functions

Industry has progressed from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Functions as a Service (FaaS). It's quite liberating to go from managing physical servers, operating systems, hypervisors, container engines, load balancers, and so on to merely provisioning functions.

Power of Web Assembly

We built Planetr Functions, our new serverless compute environment, to give developers more power, scalability, and speed at the decentralized network. Planetr Functions is powered by WebAssembly. We chose WebAssembly because it's an emerging technology that we believe lays the foundation for what function computing will become: a more performant and flexible place to deliver websites and applications.

Features you will love!

To deliver on our promises of speed, size, and reliability, our community-powered network takes full advantage of modern internet architecture.

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Edge Proxy Network

Planter's decentralised network proxy (SOCKS5 standard) allows you to benefit from traffic exiting from edge nodes located all over the world. This includes both consumer IP addresses and data centre IP addresses.

Gather Data at Scale With Market-Leading Proxy Solutions

Planetr's proxy solutions provide dependable data collection for your business. We are constantly working to extend the existing proxy pool to meet the needs of all of our customers. We ensure that our IP proxy services are secure and reliable so that scraping jobs run smoothly.

Eliminate internet blocks

It is possible that your IP address will be blocked at some stage. The explanation for this may be that you attempted to access information from a website that sought to prevent you from doing so.

Exellent for P2P use cases

Many users link the P2P platform to the website and platforms in order to use its sharing feature. Socks 5 proxies are an excellent alternative because they have a much larger and quicker uploading and upload speed while transferring smaller data packets.

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Let's Build Together!

"At Planetr, we're working on a paradigm shift in the way we operate online services, a peer-to-peer form of connecting with one another that gives users more control. Open, transparent and inclusive."
- Team Planetr