Planetr Use Cases

Planetr may be used as a public cloud platform or to expand the capabilities and computing capacity of an existing cloud. It can also be used as a stand-alone platform to build your own private cloud.

You can use Planetr as a:

  • Public Cloud - A cloud that is not centralised (like AWS, GCP or Azure).
  • Hybrid Cloud - It can be integrated into an existing cloud to optimize functionality and computing capacity.
  • Private Cloud - Utilize the computing capacity of all idle machines in your office, regardless of geographical location.
  • Personal Cloud - Utilize the computing power of your/your friends' personal machines.

Public Cloud

Anyone with internet access can use Planetr as a public decentralised cloud by installing the Planetr gateway on a local computer, such as a personal laptop or a workstation. You can benefit from massive cost savings and scalability for the type of workload that Planetr cloud can support.

Planetr Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

If you already have a cloud infrastructure, you can expand its computing capabilities by combining it with Planetr cloud. Existing cloud with public IPs can be used for internet-facing services, with Planetr acting as a reverse proxy behind such services to perform compute-intensive tasks.

Planetr Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

Most businesses have a large number of idle machines in their office network that can be pooled to form a private cloud. This may be in the case of idle server capacity or simply employee desktops. To build a private cloud, install the Planetr Satellite on each of these nodes.

Without any additional configurations, you can expand it to different networks spanning multiple geographic locations. 

Planetr Private Cloud

Create a private network

Personal Cloud

If you are a freelancer who want to run computational jobs like graphic rendering for your customers or data analytics by crawling the internet, you can build a personal cloud on top of your own computing devises and even use idling resources of your friends and families.

Remember that it doesn't matter what kind of network they're on. Planetr is transparent to network devices such as NAT routers. It's as easy as that.

Planetr Personal Cloud

Create a private network