Planetr is a decentralized network of computers owned by individuals and companies across the internet. As a cloud consumer you install and run the Planetr gateway node to be part of the network. The gateway exposes various services like compute units to run docker containers, edge proxies and zero footprint functions as a service. The gateway monitors and manages the computing capacity of the network and delegates the computing task to an available node on the network.

Install Planetr Gateway

If you are going to access the Planetr cloud to deploy docker containers or run functions, you need to install the Planetr gateway node. Remember, Planetr is a decentralized cloud and hence there is ano central server to access!

Voila... you run your own node to the cloud. Choose the right installer beased on the machine you want to run the gateway node. Read more about requirements here.

Repository Folder

All configuration data is stored in a directory structure at ~/.planetr/. You can find databases, and config files there.