Welcome to the Planetr decentralized cloud platform. Planetr is an encrypted, secure, and cost-effective compute platform that enables you to decentralize compute jobs everywhere, using a simple logical instance.

The decentralized alternative to cloud services

Buying your own hardware is costly, and renting it from a cloud service provider is even more costly in terms of total cost of ownership. Planetr is about to change that. You can now obtain computing power in a more cost-effective manner. Decentralized computing is much more cost-effective than conventional cloud computing and is a geo-distributed solution.

How it Works

Planetr is a decentralized network of computers owned by individuals and companies across the internet. As a cloud consumer you install and run the Planetr gateway node to be part of the network. The gateway exposes various services like compute units to run docker containers, edge proxies and zero footprint functions as a service. The gateway monitors and manages the computing capacity of the network and delegates the computing task to an available node on the network.

There is no single point of failure or centralized location meaning outages, downtime and data breaches are virtually impossible. If a node goes offline for any reason, the gateway automatically redeploy the service to other available nodes.


Planetr Network Diagram

Why Choose Planetr?

Developers have a wide range of choices for cloud servicese, but Planetr provides a number of key advantages to help developers build more secure and private applications. Planetr leverages the existing commodity computing hardware to build a large computing network. The network computing hardware is not owned or managed by a centralized body instead it is provided by the community.

What services are offered by Planetr?

Planetr is a bleeding edge technology platform which is continusouly focusing on more ways to help the developers and businesses by providing secure, decentralized solutions at reasonable cost. Since the cloud is built on commodity hardware spread across the globe connected with a thin peer-to-peer network fabrix, it is extremely complex to build features compared to a centralized cloud.

Planetr can help you with the following:

  • Run your applications on docker containers deployed on a decentralized cloud and save cost.
  • Leverage decentralized SOCKS proxies to exit your traffic from edge nodes across the globe.
  • Deploy functions to solve your complex computing or web data processing tasks on a zero-server-footprint mode.

You may read more bout these services on the products page or Get Started with Planetr.