Decentralized Compute Unit (DCU)

DCU stands for Decentralized Compute Unit. A DCU consists of a docker image which need to be run on the decentralized cloud with an instance specification which provisions the necessary computing resources.

You can run any docker image hosted on Docker Hub. All you need is the docker image name and access to pull the docker (currently only public images are supported without docker hub authentication).

Along with the docker image, you need to specify the instance size (sound familiar with AWS?). Various supported instance types and their cost is available on the pricing page.

To install Planetr gateway on your computer, please read the installation section.

DCU CLI Command Reference

// run planetr with --help to see all possible commands
$  planetr --help 

DCU CLI Commands

dcu-runRun a new container on a DCU
dcu-startStart one or more stopped containers
dcu-stopStop one or more running containers
dcu-rmStop and remove one or more containers
dcu-execRun a command in a running container deployed on a DCU
dcu-psList all containers
dcu-infoDisplay information about a container
dcu-logsFetch the logs of a container
dcu-cp-toCopy a file to the container from the local filesystem
dcu-cp-fromCopy a file from the container to the local filesystem

Docker Container Networking

In order to access the service running on the Docker container, port mapping is supported. You can map one port of the container to your gateway machine. This works similar to docker container networking.

Note: Planetr port mapping is limited to one port. It could be HTTP, SSHD or custom port.