Planetr is running on Testnet and not yet primed for production use. You may install and test the cloud.

Build On The Decentralized Network

zero-config, zero-server computing platform



Planetr is a highly decentralized and dispersed cloud infrastructure that uses edge resources for both computation and data storage. It’s designed primarily for applications with highly dispersed data that are both large and widely distributed, so that data upload into a traditional cloud constitutes a non-trivial portion of the execution time.

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Decentralized Cloud

Planetr is more secure, more affordable, and more private by default than centralized cloud providers due to its decentralized cloud framework.

Docker Support

Run any application of your choice with the deployment convenience of Docker.

Cost Effective

Planetr distributes the compute load through thousands of nodes, which are otherwise idling. This makes it cost effective.


The power of Web Assembly helps you to run your functions on a zero-server setup.

Edge Proxy

Build scalable web applications using highly decentralized proxy exit points all over the globe.

Join The Community

Rent your idling computing resources to build the next decentralized cloud.

Let's Build Together!

"At Planetr, we're working on a paradigm shift in the way we operate online services, a peer-to-peer form of connecting with one another that gives users more control. Open, transparent and inclusive."
- Team Planetr